Ways to contribute

Contributions are welcome, and they are greatly appreciated! Every little bit helps, and credit will always be given.

Talk to us

Give feedback

You can ask questions, make suggestions, and report issues in the community forums.

If you are proposing a new feature or giving feedback on an existing feature:

  • Explain in detail what you’re trying to do and why the existing system isn’t working for you

  • Keep the scope as narrow as possible, to make it easier to understand the specific problem you’re trying to address

If you have found a bug and are comfortable using Github and Markdown, you can create a Github issue. Please search the existing issues first to see if it’s already been reported.

Please make sure to use the template. Replace the HTML comments (the <!-- ... -->) with the information requested.

Write code

Look through the GitHub issues for issues you’d like to address. We have a number of issues tagged as beginner issues, and these are an excellent starting point. You can check our upcoming milestones to look for high-priority items.

Then, visit Getting started to begin contributing.

Note that since Kolibri is still in development, the APIs are subject to change, and a lot of code is still in flux.

Write documentation

If you’d like to help improve Kolibri’s User Documentation, see the Kolibri docs Github repo.

You can also help improve our developer documentation that you’re reading now! These are in the main Kolibri repo.

Both our developer docs and the user docs are formatted using reStructuredText.