Running Kolibri with local Kolibri Design SystemΒΆ

Kolibri uses components from Kolibri Design System (KDS). KDS is installed in Kolibri as a usual npm dependency.

It is sometimes useful to run Kolibri development server linked to local KDS repository, for example to confirm that a KDS update fixes bug observed in Kolibri, when developing new KDS feature in support of Kolibri feature, etc.

For this purpose, Kolibri provides devserver-with-kds command that will run the development server with Kolibri using local KDS:

yarn run devserver-with-kds <kds-path>

where <kds-path> is the path of the local kolibri-design-system repository.

It is recommended to use an absolute KDS path as some developers observed problems when running the command with a relative path.